Gradient Filter


So Harry asked me to write him a Neutral Density Gradient filter and whilst it certainly seemed doable I wasn’t especially inclined (!), so I attempted to post back that it was easy to do using a built-in Gradient generator, applying that to the layer above the problem clip, and then changing the Composite Mode … ought to do the job.  Trouble was that Apple’s FCP discussions forum was playing hard to get that evening … there was nothing on the telly, I wasn’t tired enough for bed, I’d finished my book already … what the heck, a challenge is a challenge right?

And Andy’s Gradient Filter was born. Anyway, Harry was pleased, and I’m hoping you’ll find this FxFactory based recreation of it useful too.


12 responses to “Gradient Filter

  1. Is there a how to video on this filter? I’ve been playing with it for a little while and still can’t seem to get desired results. Looking to brighten the foreground whilst keeping the background with original exposure. (landscape video). Thanks for the help!!

  2. I loaded the filter in FCP 10.1.1 The drop menu parameters do not appear after applying filter to a clip.

  3. Hi Andy,
    For some reason, after I applied it, the entire scene blinks on and off like crazy when I play it.


    • Thanks for the notice Werner.
      Yes. I am getting the same thing here. Looks like the opacity value is not functioning (internally). Sorry about.
      You’ll have to do it the old fashioned way for now i.e. manually create a gradient by another method and then overlay it.

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