Safe Guides

Just about as simple as it can get. A generator item that displays a variety of flexible safe area overlay guides for users working in 16:9 formats.


Includes preset guides for 4:3, 14:9 and 16:9 title and action safe areas, an EBU/BBC compliance override, centre cross marker, full custom guide controls (so that you can set the safe areas to display according to the specific numbers of a delivery spec), two freely adjustable user guides, the option to toggle on or off individual guides, the ability to choose your own guide colors, dim or mask cropped regions … plus a “Conform to 16:9” option which you can use to force the guides to display within a center cut 16:9 frame if and when your working sequence settings are not 16:9.

4 responses to “Safe Guides

  1. Does it have to be applied to every clip in the timeline? Can it be used over an entire timeline and just pop it in and out when you need it?

    • Hey Bob
      It’s a “generator” type effect, which means it should generate its own clip instance, so no need to apply it to a clip … instead, you can just place the safe title clip on an upper video track/layer and then extend the clip to fit the whole timeline if necessary, then enable/disable the track/clip as and when you need to see it.

  2. andymees,
    You are a legend. Not being able to change colours for the Safe Markers on FCPX, you have came to the rescue with even more than that. Thank you Thank you Thank you (Your not from UK are you lol)

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