18 responses to “Swish Transitions

  1. Grateful for these, Andy. After installing the Swish Transitions, FCPX says I need FXFactory 4.0.6, which hasn’t even come out yet. Is this correct?

    • Apologies Jonathan

      It seems there was a settings error in the originally uploaded version which caused that problem … now fixed. If you re-download the plugin you should good to go.


  2. Thanks, Andy. And I just got a notice that FXFactory 4.0.6 is now available, so there ya go!

  3. Andy’s swish effects will not download from noise industries??? Tried over 3 different days. Only get spinning gear
    Jim A

    • Hey Jim
      I just tried and had no problem downloading from Noise Industries … just went into FxFactory app, switched to the Catalog tab, and clicked on the green “Download” button underneath the Swish Transitions effect icon … instantly started downloading / installing directly from within the FxFactory app. Another way to download (but it’s still coming from their site as that is where it is hosted) is to click on the green download button above right.
      Let me know if that works for you.

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  5. Hey Andy,

    These are great transitions, thanks so much. I’m still running OSX 10.6.8 and FX Facotry 3.0.4. Is there a version of these transitions that will work for my system?


  6. Hello, we’ve downloaded the swish transitions – thank you! – but we’re not sure how do they get installed in Premiere Pro CS6?

  7. Andy,
    Was loving these swish effects for Premiere Pro CC…recently upgraded to Premiere Pro 2014 and they no longer work. Any solution to this problem? Have others been experiencing this as well?

  8. Hello – I have Premier and FX Factory open, FX is saying that the Swish transitions are installed… I can’t see them in Premier under the ‘Video Transitions’ menu!

  9. I am using Premiere Pro CS6 on a mac 0s x 10.7.5. I installed the Swish Transitions but they appear in the effects folder rather than the transitions folder. Any idea how I might remedy this? Thanks for whatever you can tell me.

    • Hey LNMG
      According to the FxFactory website,
      Premiere Pro CC 7.1 (or later) is required to access FxFactory based transitions under the “Video Transitions” group. In Premiere Pro CS6, such transitions are only available under “Video Filters” and need to be applied as such… there’s a demo video showing how this is done here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPituCmUeZo
      Hope it helps

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