Swish Dissolve


Stretch Dissolve Thumb
It’s a Stretch, it’s a Blur, it’s a Dissolve … it’s the club sandwich of transitions!

Created for Focus Asia after production of the show at Star TV (Hong Kong) was halted. This recreates the signature transition that was used throughout that show to segway between stories and credits. At Star TV we cut the main story segments on a Mac Quadra running a Mac OS 7 Meridian based Avid Media Composer system, the transitions were added later courtesy of an A57 when the show was onlined in the linear suites … but when the show moved to independent production the whole thing was cut start to finish on FCP. I was one of the editors who cut the stories (Avid Media Composer), and onlined the show in the linear suites … and I used to moonlight for them cutting it after it moved on from Star TV too (but thats just between you, me and the gatepost)

Now unless you’re one of the hundreds of millions of Star TV viewers who watched the show when it aired (and lets face it, most of you were watching the Bollywood movie on the other channel), or maybe you saw the show on PBS or Nat Geo, well then you’ll have no idea what it does so I’ll tell you … It horizontally stretches and blurs the outgoing clip dissolving through to the incoming clip as it snaps in from a vertical stretch blur. Ok, so its not exactly mind blowing after all that build up, but it was pretty snazzy ay the time, and young and foolish as I was, I rather liked it, especially with a bit of a whoosh if you know what I mean.

In this FxFactory based recreation of the effect you’ll find separate controls for In and Out stretch-blur, In and Out blur angle, plus many transition timing controls including one for the dissolve length to effect duration ratio.


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