Region Tool 1.1

So I’m prepping a quick update to my Region Tool plugin …. in compatible hosts it adds the ability to use a custom shape mask either by drag and drop onto an image well, or by loading directly from a file … additionally it adds 2 new effect options, Alpha and Clone: Alpha simply allows you to use your region as a cut out ie controlling the transparency of the region, and Clone allows you fill your selected region with a different area from the same image … and there are a few internal refinements that should hopefully let controls for determining your region respond more intuitively (seems to work better in FCPX but now worse in Premiere … needs investigation).

Theres also an extra plugin instance in there now, “Andy’s Region Blur” … this is simply a stripped down version of the Region Tool plugin that should be useful for those occasions when all you need is a quick targeted blur and don’t need all the bloat.

Hopefully will be available for download from FxFactory later today.

One response to “Region Tool 1.1

  1. Do you have any tutorials (or more descriptive instructions) on how to create a custom shape mask and using the image well?

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